The Tile Shop in Hamilton, New Jersey



In 1983 brother and sister Jim O’Grady and Kathy Shanahan opened The Tile Shop in Hamilton, New Jersey. After nearly three decades, it remains the source for stone, tile and flooring materials, equipment and creative and technical expertise in the Mercer County area. The Tile Shop, however, is more than a local purveyor of world-class stone, tile and flooring solutions. It’s the quintessential American story, begun modestly and continuing almost a century later through the satisfied voices of 30 years of homeowners and tile and flooring professionals alike.


Tile Shop HistoryJim and Kathy have been tile people their entire lives. Beginning in 1929 when their grandfather Stephen Wenczel, a Polish immigrant with little more than a 3rd grade education, founded Wenczel Tile Co in Trenton, New Jersey. As a child, throughout college and even shortly thereafter, Kathy worked for the family business in various roles, growing deeply acquainted with the art of designing with tile. Wanting to expand the Wenczel’s company’s reach, Kathy and Jim opened The Tile Shop in Hamilton, New Jersey and have been central New Jersey’s stone, tile and flooring authority ever since. While Jim is no longer active in the business, Kathy’s passion continues to evolve. She travels the world constantly adding to her photo journal of tile from around the globe. Today The Tile Shop is equipped with Kathy’s hand-picked team of Creative Space Designers, including 4th generation tile designer Meghan Shanahan. Together Kathy’s group of creative tile professionals guide clients through each step of their planning, from conception to selection.

Come see what three decades of clients have learned before you. We’re The Tile Shop located in Hamilton, New Jersey. And we’re tile people.